Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Cows!

The question came from out of the blue.  It's a type that I tend to be very careful answering.  It goes like this,  "What can you tell me about (name of person)?"  

This time the query came from a trusted friend, but I still replied carefully.  I paused for what seemed like hours, but really probably was only 5 seconds, to collect my thoughts.

You see, the person, in question, we'll call her Suzy, was demonstrating that she is all "show."  She had signed up for several committees but had never gone to a meeting.  Recently literally at the last hour, she asked if there was any way she could help.  Good intention, but bad placement.

When I teach the referral-based sales course, we talk about finding out what goals and accomplishments people have.  Obviously, if we know their goals we can help them to reach them.  Even more important is to notice if their goals and accomplishments in line with each other.  If there are lots of goals and fewer accomplishments, or ones that are not in line with the goals, then that particular person (Suzy) has Big Hat Syndrome.  Oh, you haven't heard of that?  It means, big cowboy hat, but no cows!

I caution everyone to really look at their time before they sign up for anything that is related to community service. Not being active in the community can be detrimental, but being half active is even worse!


Deb Olejownik said...

I have never heard of Big Hat Syndrome, makes sense though. I've seen this happen a lot, people volunteering on committees for the wrong reasons. Volunteering on committees because they think it will make them look good in the eyes of others, or the activity looks good on their resume, or in conversation people are impressed that they serve on so many boards or committees. This is a big fat lie, morally wrong, and a false representation of self. However, an intentional leader is an ambassador. They are aware of how they are seen by others in the community; only volunteering on committees that are in direct alignment with their core values. Intentional leaders are truly ambassadors committed to making a difference while adding value to others in organizations and on committees they serve.

Debby said...

Well, Deb, I'm not sure that there is an official Big Hat Syndrome! I may have coined the phrase, but it goes along with the saying of Big Hat, No Cows!