Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Funny Story

So I was meeting with a women to get to know her and her business better.  Let's call her Susie.  During the conversation I invited Susie to a lunch that I host every other month with women who I've met that need to meet each other for various reasons.  As I was describing the people who had attended, Susie piped up and said, "Oh, I have several thousand dollars worth of make-up and skin care products that I would like to donate to one of the lunchers that I had described.  We'll call this new  person Linda.  I told Susie that I would call Linda to let her know of this generous offer.

Which I did.

So here's how the phone call went. 

Linda was delighted and said, "Oh I know Susie.  Her daughter and my daughter play soccer together.  Yes, I would like to talk with Susie about her offer and I've been meaning to call her anyway, because I have need of her services next week."

In a later email that I received from Susie, she said, "Thank you for connecting us.  Yes, I know Linda, but I don't think I knew her last name and for sure, I didn't know what she does for work."

The point of this story is two-fold.  

1.  As a connector, you can make a huge difference in people lives if you just listen to what they need!

2.  Do your friends and acquaintance know what you do?

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