Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who Do You Want?

It's remarkable what you get when you just ask for it.

Wednesday during our Connext Nation class, I asked each student to give us one person or type of person they would like to share a lunch chat with.  All seven students were able to articulate what they wanted.  As a result, one other student committed to talking with someone who might fit that profile. We are planning to have a reunion lunch a couple weeks after class ends and the invited guests will come to that meeting.  I was really proud of the students.  They all got it that in order to get help they have to both give help and also be able to define exactly what their needs are.

Would you have an answer to the question of ,"What person do you want to meet?"


Kate Matz said...

Debby - you've got a great way of asking seemingly simple and straight-forward questions that force a person to think and get at the heart of what they do and what they need. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from you!

Debby said...

Thanks, Kate! I feel honored with that remark!