Thursday, April 11, 2013

Huh? What'd You Say?

How do you start a conversation?  I just never know!

Last night I went to a political reception.

Not my usually cup of tea, but I went to support a friend.

So I was just standing there waiting for hubby to meander back so we could leave.

I had talked with quite a few people already, but was just standing there when a gentleman came up and introduced himself.

Because of my hearing loss, it is difficult for me to hear people in that hard-surface type of setting.

I had to ask him to repeat his name.  I explained my hearing issue.  That launched us into a conversation about hearing aids.  I was wearing mine, he was not wearing his.

But we had a nice chat and he even gave me a good stock tip.  Well, actually he gave it to my husband thinking I wouldn't be interested.  But I got to ask enough about it to satisfy my curiosity.

So who would think that a conversation could go from name to hearing aids to stock tips in just a couple minutes.

That's what I love about networking.

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