Sunday, March 01, 2009

It Takes a Village

Last night was the big dance event at the library. I have written a previous post about it here.

Neal and I successfully performed last night, but it wasn't without a serious case of jitters on my part. This surprised me as usually I don't get nervous about performing.

But it takes a village.....

First of all, Lisa Richard, the administrator of the Way Library Foundation is the force behind making this HUGE event happen. I don't know how she keeps all the details straight, but she does. And she does it with a smile.

Matt Miller and Paulette are the owners of two side-by-side dance studios, that were the creative juices behind getting the other pros lined up and also getting us "celebrities" to look good.

Maggie Sullivan, my friend, the Traveling Jewelry Queen, went to great lengths to get a large rhinestone frog pin sent to me to wear as part of my costume last night. (see at the left on my shoulder.) I wanted something playful and the frog seemed just right.

My partner, Neal Hopkins, was a very patient teacher and incredibly talented choreographer for our routine. Neal was famous for making changes and each one made us better. I had laughingly told him that I knew he would change something right up to our performance and sure enough he changed the way we bowed after dress rehearsal on Friday night. (This is how he greeted me Saturday night with his costume change! The white tank and its message did not stay! It was Neal and his wife, Kim's way of getting me to relax and laugh. And Neal wanted to get a rise out of Lisa Richard, too.)

Salon Hazelton, a local Perrysburg salon, did our makeup and we looked groovy with the artfully applied colors. I did my own hair, but they also provided that service for several of the dancers.

The volunteers turned the library into NOT a library. The transformation was unbelievable, especially when the library continued to serve patrons until 2 PM on the day of the event. It boggles my mind as to how they get it all done. (See the ice statue of dancers to the left.)

The volunteers also staffed the "green" room for the dancers, making sure every one of our needs was handled last night. I truly felt very taken care of.

My best friend, Deanna and my kids arrived to help support me through the weekend, too.

It just shows what can happen when a strong group of people focus their energies on the good of all.

Thanks to all who helped us to be successful.

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Debora Peters said...

Mom, you danced beautifully on Saturday. We are so very proud of you and were so happy that we could be there to share the moment with you. We LOVE you!