Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And Who Are You?

I've had two really busy days! Yesterday, I gave the one or two minute networking tip at the end of the GreaterFindlayInc. Fresh Brewed meeting. I have been asked to be the permanent person to do that job for the past year. I try to give hints and ideas that the attendees can immediately use.

What we have tried to get away from is having people just pass out business cards. We all know that does no good. Yesterday, I did receive a card from someone who came up and introduced herself to me. We chatted briefly and I mentioned that I had been in her facility.

Today, again, I was in Findlay to begin the next series of Certified Networker classes. After class I hopped over to Coffee Amici to have lunch and then to have an appointment. Before the appointment arrived, the person who had given me her card yesterday came in to the coffee shop, too. She looked right at me and I smiled at her, but she gave no hint of recognition. Now I tell you, I know that my looks are somewhat distinctive. My hair color and eyewear both get mentioned to me a lot. So I'm not your fade into the wallpaper type of person. People usually remember me.

I think the reaction that I received today, could have two reasons.

One is that the person just didn't connect yesterday or

two, she couldn't remember my name and didn't want to admit it.

Or it could be that she didn't figure I was someone that could help her. Whatever.

When you go to a networking event, please be purposeful when you meet people. It helps your credibility.

Have you had similar situations happen for you?

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Anonymous said...

I think the most interesting possibility for the person who didn't act like she knew you is, "maybe she thought I was someone who couldn't help her."

One of my favorite statements I make to people (in particular, BNI members) is, "You never know where the next best referral you ever received, is going to come from."

Sandy Pirwitz (I'm choosing to sign this comment, since I can't remember my password!)