Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Making Friends

Several weeks ago, friend Rebecca Booth, Imagine That!, planned a surprise birthday party of another friend,

Maggie Sullivan

Maggie was celebrating a milestone birthday.

Approximately 15 or so people gathered at a local Mexican restaurant before Maggie and Rebecca arrived.

Maggie was dumbstruck when we yelled, "Surprise."

Here is what she had to say after the event.

"Was I stunned into silence on Sunday when I saw a group of familiar faces (all a blur) sitting at a table in El Camino Real Mexican restaurant!!! How wonderful that you were part of the group and thanks for being there and being part of such a surprise!!! When I try to tell friends in other parts of the country about life in Toledo, they do not believe me!!! My huge secret that cannot be explained is how I arrived in Toledo knowing only family and almost 8 years later I know someone wherever I happen to be!!! Amazing, isn't it???"

For those who have ever moved to a new location, you know it's all about getting involved. Maggie joined The Women's Entrepreneurial Network (WEN) early on wanting to promote her jewelry business. The business has grown and grown and grown, but beyond that, Maggie has connected with a whole series of WEN people that have become friends.

What are your secrets for making friend when you don't know anyone?


Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

Secrets for making friends when you don't know anyone where you live (like, this is my life every 2-3 years).

Talk to your neighbours.

Walk around your neighbourhood. Smile at people. Take your dog or cat if you have one.

Take your kids to the park.

Attend social functions at your spouse's work.

Become involved with a sport or other leisure activity. Sign up for pottery classes, martial arts. Join a gym.

Volunteer at the children's school. Even high schools need volunteers.

Volunteer at the local library, shelter, pet hospital, human hospital.

Shop at the same stores, all the time.

Wear a funky hat or scarf. Everyone will remember you.

Attend religious services regularly. If you aren't a practising anything, find something to

And, just when you start to know people everywhere you go....the posting message will arrive and you'll be doing it all over again in a different city.

The great part is, now I know people ALL over the country!

Debby said...

Jacki, what great advice in your comment. My mom and dad moved about every six months in their first 1 years of marriage. Even though mom was very shy, she soon realized that she would never have a friend, if she didn't make one the first day she hit town. In their heyday, they sent over 700 holidays cards out with a personal message in each one.

Debby said...

That should say first 11 years of marriage.