Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spick and Span

I am totally laughing at myself!

Here is why.

You see, we women who have husbands commiserate because when it is time to get ready for a party in the summer, the "normal" husband will mow the lawn and wash the car. I must admit that Steve is different; he does not wash the car.

So here it is a few days before my kids, grand kids and kids-in-law's parents and sister will come to celebrate. What did I do yesterday? I cleaned my office. And to make this perfectly clear, I CLEANED my office. I purged my book selves, dusted behind shelves and cabinets (yuck) and threw away a ton of stuff that I was saving for who knows what. The only task left to do, because I ran out of time, was to purge my files.

I did take a few trips down memory lane. One item gave me particular satisfaction. I found the first ever article that I submitted for publication and the letter from Selling Power Magazine letting me know that it had been accepted. Payment would be a bio at the end of the article. Funny thing, I had not even named my company, but with that deadline hanging over my head, I created Sales and More. It's still around, it just hasn't had attention for the last five years as I grew Certified Networker.

What was really interesting was that the article still has value today. It is advice to the sales manager who is taking over an existing sales team. I'll share it over the next couple days.

What have you done that has made you laugh over the last couple days?

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