Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gifts That Can't be Bought

In my opinion, true networking is all about giving.

At our monthly Certified Networker lunch, the question of the month was, "What is the best gift you have even given?"

The answers were as varied as the people in attendance, but there was one common theme.

All presents involved the giver giving of themselves. For example:

Tracy Cox, Bottomline Bookkeeping - a long time ago she made a thousand dollar bill with her grandpa's picture on it. She gave it to him and of course he loved it.

Lisa Olvera, Corporate Intelligence Consultants - gave a 1956 cookbook to her daughter. This cookbook had also been used by Lisa's mother and grandmother.

Frank Smith, Re/Max Masters - surprised his mother when he and his two brothers all showed up at church at the same time.

Terry Williams, Action Mechanical - gave his partner Mike a present long ago when Terry called his dad and asked him to go to church with Mike.

Ellen Critchley, Critchley Creative - Made business cards for her dad because he gave (truly gave) golf lessons and she felt he needed cards to reflect this avocation.

Julie Kuney, Comfort Keepers - gave a wedding ring to her husband (today is #37).

Tracee Swank, True Compass Coaching- gave her dad a framed picture of them walking down the aisle at her wedding with the caption, "mission accomplish." He had been diagnosed with cancer and she had issued the challenge that she wanted him to walk her down the aisle.

Doug Clark, Fifth Third Bank - gave bone marrow to his brother.

These are just a few of the wonderful examples of how giving the members of our community are. I am very proud of them.

What gift have you given that stands out in your mind?


Angie Weid said...

A friend of mine had a 10 year old family dog which became very ill, the time had come for the final act. I sent her daughters, who at the time were 8 and 5 years old, a tin filled with beautifully decorated cookies. My friend's husband called thanking me for making their daughters smile on a difficult day.

Louise Kahle said...

I was in Washington, DC visiting the memorials when I saw a homeless man pulling all the cups from a dumpster and dumping the drippings into one cup. I had a giant cup of Coke and walked up and handed it to him.

Leasa said...

Just days before Christmas 2002, I told my husband we would be having a daughter. He named her Holly.