Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Sales Manager Tips #2

Yesterday's post gave the first three of nine tips for new sales managers taking over an existing sales team. Three more are listed today. Even though these were written over 13 years ago, they are still good advice.

4. Streamline written sales reports. If upper management or you aren't using the information, eliminate it. Do make sure sales people have what they need to help them plan for the future or review the past. (This was written in the days when most sales people wrote their reports in longhand. With the advent of computers, it is even more tempting to ask sales people for more and more information. That's not bad as long as it is used.)

5. See the goals...and the results. Install a white board to display individual and team successes. Establish small rewards to recognize higher levels of performance. This will also instill a competitive spirit within the team. (Good sales people like to see their name in lights!)

6. Small goals. Encourage team members to write weekly goals and copy to you, so that you may check back regularly to foster accountability on their part. (It also gives you reason to celebrate more often!)

Come on back tomorrow to read the final three.

And keep those sales manager stories coming in.

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