Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Sales Manager Tips #3

Okay, we're in the homestretch. The last three tips are listed below.

7. Spend time with individual sales people. When riding with sales people to appointments ask them to talk about their plan for the upcoming presentation. Immediately afterwards tell them what they did right. They will expect criticism. Ask if they would do anything differently. Listen to them, because you can not offer criticism until you have gained their trust. (There's that trust thing again.)

8. Talk with the previous sales manager. If possible! Find out what worked for him (or her) and what didn't. Steer clear of their perceptions of team members....your judgements may be entirely different.

9. Be energetic. Enthusiasm is infections! (Wow, if you're new and you're already down in the dumps, maybe you made a wrong career move!)

The above nine steps will help you to help your team recognize their highest potential because they want to, instead of being forced to do so.

Over the last three days I written nine tips for new sales managers taking over an existing sales team. These three posts are from an article, my first ever, that I had published in Selling Power Magazine.

What tips have I left out that you think are important?

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