Saturday, December 16, 2006

You Know What Bugs Me?

I feel out of sorts today. I hate unseasonable warm Decembers. I want snow, not just for Christmas, but I want snow for winter. But now that I have that out of my system, that's not what bugs me!

What bugs me is people who attend networking events without their appointment book with them. Now I ask you, is that stupid or not? Those in the know, understand that they are not going to sell anything at a networking event. Instead they are on the lookout for people they want to get to know better -- LATER. Later means an appointment where the two people can carry on an intelligent conversation, not drowned out by music, other conversations or even other interruptions.

Within the last several weeks, I made an appointment with a person who did not have his calendar with him. He promised he would remember. Well you know the end of the story. I drove 30 minutes to the meeting, only to be stood up. When we talked later this person didn't even seem fazed by the fact that yes, he had forgotten my appointment, and that he had robbed me of scare time.

So, please be on notice. At a networking event, I will not schedule an appointment with you unless I can actually see your appointment book.

Is there anything that really bugs you in the networking world?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I had the exact same thing happen to me this week. Only I was planning on doing some serious (read $$) business with this person. I e-mailed the night before as a reminder.

He was a no show. Needless to say, this was the last straw and I informed him later that day that our business agreement (verbal, not written) was null and void. I was shocked that he was shocked. What's up with that?

My time is obviously more valuable to me than his reputation is to him.

Angie Weid said...

Oooh, I so agree with you! Do NOT stand me up. There is NO excuse. You will have lost my trust and business.

I had worked to coordinate a meeting for a new business owner and he did not show up. Then he approached me at a meeting SIX WEEKS later to apologize. I stopped him with Hello. He attempted to give me his excuse--it was SIX WEEKS ago?! I stopped him again, and told him I had nothing to say to him. I turned and moved on to another person.

If you do not value my time, why would I want to work with you?

Leasa said...

Ouch, ladies. You show NO mercy. I agree with you, but I would give the offender the benefit of the doubt one time. Just once. If h/she screws up again then I'm outta there (the relationship.)

Anonymous said...
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