Sunday, December 31, 2006

Joani and Danny

Last night Steve and I attended my friend, Joani Algiere's wedding. It was really fun, because it didn't follow the boring wedding style that seems to permeate today's world. Joani wore a beautiful black coaktail dress. She couldn't pretend to be the young, wide-eyed innocent and wanted to wear what really made her feel comfortable. Joani's mom, Marge Brown, the Mayor of Oregon, Ohio, was co-officiant of the ceremony. When she first addressed the couple, she said, "Joani and Danny..." That brought a laugh from everyone, because Dan is a very good lookin' 70 year old, but I would never address him as Danny.

The best man involved all of us in the toast. He is very funny, and he and Dan were in a team-building business together for years. Dan is Mr. Clean and the best man (I can't remember his name at this point.) is the other side of the odd couple. During the toast, when the B/Man pointed at us, we were all to shout, "However!" He allowed all us of to be participants in this event.

I got to thinking about networking events and how getting people involved makes for a better time for all. I think I do a pretty good job of this, but I can always do better. So for '07, I am making a commitment to have as many people as possible feel like they are an important part of every event we sponsor this year.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to make this occur?

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