Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pumpkins and People

Sunday I took advantage of the wonderful, Midwest fall weather and got out in my garden for a couple hours. It is always kind of a sad time to begin pulling out the plants that have produced all season, but at the same time there is for me a feeling of satisfaction to see the visual evidence of the last part of the harvest. Pumpkins, or at least my pumpkins, are an example of this.

My pumpkins vines are not well-trained. They wander all over the garden through the peony bushes on one side and on to the tall forest of asparagus. One even made it into the compost bin!

As a result, I'm always unaware of how many wonderful jack-o-lanterns in waiting are there. Sunday I pulled all the pumpkins from the secret hiding places and put them in a pile. It occurred to me that the pile could represent networking at its best.

Before I created the pile, I had no idea of what was there for me. After I gathered the gourds, I knew for sure the strength of the crop. If I don't gather and meet with a helpful, dedicated group of people on a regular basis, the strength of my networking is scattered. I know it is there someplace, but it is not organized or always helpful.

I have two ways I meet with helpful people -- my Partners for Success BNI Chapter keeps me connected weekly and my wonderful Master Mind gang gets together monthly.

What ways do you gather the people who help you to harvest more business and be more successful?

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David Bodner said...

I think that the proper attitude comes first. I observe people first to see how they act. If they just talk about"me, me, me" then I know that they will not be a good referral partner.

And let's not forget that we can help each other in many ways such as acting as a resouce. Maybe inviting others to events and by providing key introductions. Help others first and do it for the right reasons.