Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Butterfly or Mole?

Okay, here's my theory.

Those who say they love networking events are social networkers who like a butterfly flit from person to person without stopping to really connect. These are the people who also like to partake of all the food and drinks. They may be known as the king(or queen) of networking because they know so many people. A good networking event for them is a fun networking event.

Those who go to networking events because it is good business sense to do so, may not have fun at all. These events may be the ultimate challenge for them. They may be shy or not good at small talk. But when they measure the return on the investment for their time, they say, "I met a very good contact and we talked for quite a long time. We have an appointment to get together next week." Those people stay under the radar that identifies flashy networkers, so they may be unknown in their community. They could be called the networking mole.

Which are you, butterfly or mole? Which do you think is better?


David Bodner said...

Moles or butterflies? The world needs both. I have tried to be both at varying levels of success and at different networking functions. I would rather be a mole because I believe I can connect better with people at that level. I can be a butterfly but it takes a lot of emotional energy and it usually drains me. Find your natural style and use it most of the time. That works for me pretty well because I am an introvert by nature. Every now and then the butterfly in me comes out.

Jeff LaCourse said...

I'm not sure one is better than the other, unless the butterfly never takes the time to develop deeper relationships.

Depending on my mood, I think I can be both, but probably tend more toward the mole.

Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

When you really think about it, moles see what's underground - what's beneath the surface - perhaps what's really going on versus what's just visible.

There are lots of butterflies out there - knowing a lot of people doesn't necessarily mean being of help to a lot of people. In the world of nature, butterflies may be much more beautiful, but are indeed just surface creatures.

While I agree that the world may need both, the moles (ugly little creatures that real ones are)may be the real substance of networking.