Sunday, October 22, 2006

Finding the Why

Module 8 was Friday. It is my favorite. In the four years of teaching Certified Networker, now to over 300 people, it really is a turning point for both the class and me. Through a process in class, the students find out (probably for the first time) why they do what they do. It is important to know that, because that is the emotional power for their success.

The participants in this current Friday morning class have been stars in every assignment. They all rose to the occasion with this work. We jokingly call this the Kleenex session and Friday was no different.

Denny Austin, shared that he saw did not personally experience being bullied as a youngster, but that he saw it enough. Working as an investigator on Worker's Comp Fraud cases, he has actually investigated a couple bullies from his past. The old saying of, "What goes around, comes around," certainly describes this situation. Denny said, "The reason I do what I do is that I want to be a good example to my three boys of what is the right thing to do."

Pat Golba-Lynch, also a member of the Friday class, sells Arbonne like many other women. But her story is different. A teacher's impatience with her left-handedness, made her lose her confidence as a youngster. Now Pat, helps women to feel confident, or to gain the confidence that she knows is so important. That's why she choose to become an Arbonne representative after a long time teaching career.

When you think about your career choice, why do you do what you do?


Greg Peters said...

Great post!

It's good to hear that CN'ers are still running the Module 8 gauntlet.

My "why" is still pretty much the same, but I'm starting to look further into the emotions that it evokes. Before, I was just "clearing up the confusion" (which was just fine, if a little "safe"). Now, I'm thinking there is a more powerful message, but haven't quite hit on the exact one yet. I'll keep you posted as I work it out.

Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

When I was growing up, I thought we were poor. I remember having only two or three outfits (of clothing) per season. This was especially difficult in junior high and high school when "you are what you wear." I later learned that we weren't poor, but that my mother was incredibly frugal.

When I finally could afford the great clothes I had always wanted, I just couldn't do it - I just couldn't force myself to pay those prices.

That's when I discovered resale shopping. I now own my own consignment store because I know that there are other women like me out there who either don't want to or can't pay the prices for the big ticket items.

Tana M. Schiewer, Angel Entertainer said...

There's two main reasons I do Arbonne (another Arbonne consultant! aaa!).

The first is helping others. I love to help people, and I have a special place in my heart for women who have low self-esteem. Helping them to look better and feel better about themselves is hugely rewarding. Not to mention helping them build businesses and escape the J.O.B. they hate, or stay home with their babies, or just create more confidence in themselves.

The second is...I hate trading time for money. I have a three year old son, and for the first two years of his life I worked about 60-70 hours/week. I traded time with him to be able to pay the bills, and it broke my heart. Thankfully, when he turned 2 I was able to quit my full time job. I still have to do some other things on the side to make ends meet, but my WHY with Arbonne is still to get to a point where I no longer have to trade time for money, and in fact could do the opposite. I also look forward to being able to respond to others' financial needs in a more proactive manner.

So many reasons why!