Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Word of Mouth Event #1

At the WEN conference on Friday, many people had "Certified Networker" on their nametags. As a sponsor of the conference, I was able to offer discounted registrations to members of the Certified Networker community. Thirty-five people took advantage of that offer. I didn't realize that they would not have their own company name on their nametags, but really, I'm not complaining!

Chuck Kistner, Allied Flooring and Shirleen Kistner, Vintage Yarns, are both grads of the course and they registered their son, Andrew of BuilditFixit.com, for the conference using the CN discount. Andrew came up to me during the day on Friday and said, "Hey, how do I get registered for this course? Everyone is talking about it." The course is all about finding people who want to buy as opposed to going out to sell to people. What a prime example of this concept.

Scott Ginsberg, the name tag guy, encouraged us to keep a word of mouth journal in a recent post. I figure there is no better place to keep a journal than here in the blog. It won't get lost!

What is the most recent example of a word of mouth event in your business?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I was quite honored to be one of 5 WEN members to be highlighted in last week's issue of the Toledo Free Press. Autumn Lee, the staff writer who did the piece, said she had heard about me from several other people and was curious.

I was indeed flattered. The first day the paper was out, I got a call from a newcomer to the Toledo area. She became a customer the next day, spending almost $100 (and in my store, you get ALOT of 'stuff' for $100).

In the ensuing week, I have gained three more customers because of positive "word of mouth" initiated by that first woman. Thank you, Linda!!

Tami - Custom Training Solutions said...

I very much enjoyed the WEN conference and was able to take away several ideas from the Word of Mouth session. In fact I have been talking with our website host today about adding a blog to the site.

My example of Word of Mouth came today. We had someone who was referred by their company to take a computer class. She called and after finding out what all we have is signing up for 3-4 classes and is encouraging her sister-in-law to enroll as well.

Anonymous said...

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