Monday, January 20, 2020

What to Say to the Event Organizer

In my new book, Tell Me Exactly What to Say,  one of the chapters is about how to introduce yourself to the person who organized the event you are attending.  The title of that person might be Executive Director or event chair.  It doesn't matter what the title is, it does matter that you realize how important that person can be to you.  Just think about it.  He or she knows everyone!  And if you have a connection, that could lead you to great new acquaintances.

One warning!  Don't brother that person when she is in the midst of craziness.  If she looks harried and stressed, you won't be remembered or worse, you will be remembered as the person who took her time when she didn't have any!

That chapter is on page 47 of the book.   Kristin Meyer, Executive Director for the Ohio-based, Maumee Chamber of Commerce, mentioned at a book ribbon-cutting, that she wished the 5 people who kept her from starting the "sit-down" portion of the lunch on time that day had read the chapter! 

What are your thoughts on this?

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