Monday, June 24, 2019

Make Yourself Unique

So many business people, and not just new ones, try to sell a bunch of stuff to the whole world.  Instead, if they would establish a niche product or service and a finely-tuned target market, they will usually be more successful.

Recently I met a woman, Michelle Sheldon, at the Sustainability Brands Conference in Detroit.  Michelle owns a promotional products company, Eco Promotional Products.  What makes her different from all the other companies is that she offers eco-friendly products instead of the usual throwaway stuff.  This made me stop at her booth and chat a bit, instead of just passing by.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was in Cleveland for the day meeting with other business owners.  One, Erica Larson, owner of Pixel Power, wants to focus more on ecologically sound companies and organizations to help with website development.  In our conversation, the Sustainability Conference was talked about.  I then told Erica about Michelle and Erica's reply was, "Oh my gosh, I can tell you that what she is offering is hard to find."

As a result, I have connected both women.  One from Illinois and one from Cleveland, OH.  And I live in Toledo. 

Now if Michelle had just had the display of all the usual products, I wouldn't even have stopped to investigate that day.  Having that niche makes her memorable and her message is so powerful that it easily travels across state lines!

Can you say the same about your message and offering?

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