Sunday, January 26, 2020

Intentional Intros

The other day I was meeting with a young woman, Hannah Fitzgerald, who now that she had completed her online degree was re-focusing on her website development business, Marvelous Web Media. She asked me about my book, Tell Me Exactly What to Say, as she wanted to know what it was about.  I told her that it is 33 networking conversations and that it had gotten started because one of my students, Rick Adkins, Oasis Senior Advisors, had asked how to introduce two people to each other.  Hannah, exclaimed, "I just found out not too long ago, that I need to say more about two people when I'm introducing them.  Always before I just said their names and then there was an awkward silence!"

I shared that yes, she could describe each one to the other using tidbits that she knows about them to spark the conversation.  Also, I shared that she is the host of this "event" and as such, she needs to let the two talk, but that if something important was not being mentioned, she could interject that fact.  At the end, she could again enter the conversation to summarize and encourage the next step these two people could take.

Hannah, stopped our conversation for a few seconds while she was obviously in thought.  Then she said, "I get it!  Networking has to be intentional!"

And that certainly sums it all.  If you just fly by the seat of your pants, networking will be fun, but if instead you have a plan of action, you will gain the results you want.

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