Sunday, January 11, 2015

Naked Networking

OK, here's a new way to network.  After all, we want to be the best we can be at networking, right?

So a friend of mine, knows another person who networks in the sauna at the "tony" downtown club.  He's very successful at getting clients this way.  I guess if everyone is naked there is no opportunity for pretense.

My mind got to thinking about this.  What would happen to all the rules of networking without clothes in the equation?

Would the handshake change?  You certainly wouldn't want to miss the person's hand!  That could be a bit awkward.

And what about networking body language? Would you come from the side of a new person, not making a full frontal approach?  After all you don't know them that well.

And the big question of the day is where in the heck would you store your business cards?  I don't even want to go too much further with that.

With all these thoughts running around in my head, I think that I will not adopt the skin-free approach to networking.

Anyone else dare to weigh into this?????


Jason said...

I love it!

Deb Olejownik said...

Ha! Naked networking, interesting. I am always networking, even at the gym, always wearing clothes, lol! When I think about it though, I have had some interesting conversations in the locker room and have even scheduled a one-to-one as a result of a networking conversation in the locker room. Not so willing to network completely naked though, lol!

Jenn Wenzke said...

I can't stop laughing just thinking about it!!

Debby said...

Thanks, Deb, Jason and Jenn for admiring my sicko sense of humor!

Simony said...

That could be very distracting!
I could do networking in bikini and save the business card under my margarita glass, I guess.
Totally naked only as an one-to-one. Heck! What else can I say?

Debby said...

You said it all, Simony!

Melonie said...

LOL, this is great! Very thought provoking anyways. It sure makes daily networking seem a lot more simplistic!