Saturday, February 22, 2014

Who Makes You Think?

Yesterday, I met with Marc Hustek, a Realtor with Howard Hanna in Rocky River, Ohio.  He is on the executive committee of the Rocky River Chamber.  I am a new member of this chamber and so far I have been extremely impressed with everything about this organization.

Marc, explained it to me.  He said that they are committed to paying attention to the details so that no matter what event members attend they have a GREAT experience.  He shared how their annual golf outing is a well-oiled process starting immediately when the chamber member drives up to the club.  Everything is choreographed to have no waiting in line.  (Think about the golf outings you've been to.)  To make it continue to stay fresh, instead of the same old, same old games, last year one member who sells windows, donated a few.  Those windows became targets on a green for golfers to try to break.  Another member set up a camera behind the windows so they could catch them being broken.  Now is that cool or what?

While I don't set up golf outings, what I learned from Marc, was to look at everything that I am doing to see if there is another way to make it even better or more fun.  For me, Marc is a thought-leader and I think we all need to listen to such people to help us remain fresh.

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