Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't be Alike

Two great things about the direct sales world are standardization and the training most companies provide. 

I would also like to challenge that!  Of course, I would.

Standardization of the process is great, but standardization of the person is not so.  Think of any person who sells a multi-level product.  Are they just like the last person who talked with you about the very same product?  If so, they don't realize that they need to be unique.  They haven't given you any reason to buy from them over the other person.

When my friend, Jenn Wenzke, sold Mary Kay cosmetics, she set herself apart by helping others first and then by letting them know about her MK offers.  And she gave a lot of stuff away too.  She also started her own networking group.  It is designed to help everyone else, but you can bet that in the end it also helps Jenn. That's because she was willing to do the work that made her different from everyone else.

John Tarpy, is a representative for CruiseOne.  He loves the company.  The training is great.  But he also reached outside the company to further open his mind.  He took our course last year and now he is even more successful.  One thing he does when he goes to local networking events is that he wears a shirt that looks like a boat captain's shirt.  He stands out from the crowd.

For those in direct sales, what makes you different from all your sisters and brothers in your company.  When you go to your annual conference, do you stand out enough that others want to know about your success?

Tell us about it!

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