Wednesday, January 02, 2013

If You Don't Ask, You Won't Get!

The most difficult aspect of my work is asking for help!  I think I am probably not alone in this.

But it is so empowering to do so, both for me and the person you ask.

As I mentioned, I am going to meet two new people per week this year.  I am doing ok as scheduling those appointment, but in one area that I work in, I am lagging a bit.  So, this morning, I put it out there on our Connext Nation One-to-One Facebook page, that I would like some help.

It wasn't but a few minutes later that my friend, Karla Lewis, called to run through a list of names to see if I already knew them.  Most of them I did not.  So I hit a mother lode of people that I can get to know. 

Of course, I asked Karla what help she wanted.  Karla is the owner of Marvel Consulting.  She helps business owners who want creative marketing ideas for their businesses, including providing event planning for said businesses.  She is having a Marvelous event on January 15 at noon and would like a good number of people to come.  You can bet that I will be inviting people for that event!

What happened when you asked for help recently?

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