Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Green Apointments

A couple post ago, I mentioned that one goal I have moving forward is to meet with two new or newer people per week. (This is in addition to all my usual appointments.)  In thinking about this, I was trying to figure out a way to easily know if I was meeting this goal.  Of course, I could have created a spreadsheet, but that just seemed like extra work.

Instead, I came up with a system that will allow me to see at a glance if I am doing what I said that I would do!

All I'm doing is selecting the color green for these appointments in my calendar.  I used a Google calendar, but I think many online scheduling systems allow for different colors to be used, too.  If you use a paper calendar, you could just use a green highlighter to do the same thing.

It's now easy for me to see if I need to continue to work on a specific week or can move forward to scheduling in future weeks.

I know!  This in not rocket science but maybe the obvious is sometimes hidden.

Or you can tell me your system!

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