Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two or Three?

This past week, I met with someone who was introduced to me via an email introduction. I've got to tell you that while it was a high level introduction, it still wasn't at the level of a personal introduction. There were some awkward moments.

I analyzed why this was so.

1. We really had no one to make the in-person introduction and so we bumble along trying to figure out who should say what next.

2. If a third person had been there, the meeting could have been shortened, because that person could have provided background as part of his intro.

3. This person could have also restated the reason he was putting the two of us together, instead of us trying to figure out the right time to talk about it.

4. He could have interjected at points during the conversation to add details that would have been important.

5. He could have given his opinion for this new person to do business with me, which would have had the power of a testimonial.

I could go on. While there are some circumstances where you cannot be introduced to the new contact, (distance, being one) and I know the value of a personal (in-person) introduction. I now have had it reinforced again!

Introductions take the "IF" out of the whole equation.

What's your take on this?

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