Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yay! Presents!

Presents! I received some really neat ones for Christmas. Three stand out.

1) I received a Keurig B60 pod coffee maker from my son, Andy and daughter in law, Debora. It is great. On the days I am writing at my home office, I can brew a quick pick me up and be back at my desk within a minute or so. There is no leftover coffee in the pot this way either. I know it's more expensive than just brewing a pot, but if I waste more than half of the pot, then it's not so expensive!

2) My hubby gave me a business card reader. Yes! While you know that I don't collect hands full of cards at networking events, I do ask for two or three of people that I want to get back to. Sometimes those do begin to pile up because I am out of my office so much. I am so excited about getting rid of those piles without having to do all the typing. My model is CardScan/personal. Love it.

3) From our other son, Greg and daughter-in-law, Lisa, hubby and I received an electronic picture frame. Now I know, those have been around for awhile, right? Greg, understanding the technological abilities of this household, uploaded several hundred photos of the family. And there is room for thousands more. We agreed that it would be fun to keep loading to see the years go by and everyone change.

So there you have it. A wonderful holiday for me. But what makes it really worthwhile is that each giver practiced the platinum rule, which is give unto others as they want to be given to. The kids and Steve listened to what I wanted, instead of giving me just any old gift.

What gift did you receive that you love?


Mark Storey Coach-Trainer said...

My wife gave me (us) a Feature Comforts ceramic space heater that we keep in the kitchen. Although diminutive, it warms up the kitchen in no time!

Nancy Sustersic said...

Hi Debby,
I received the Gift of LOVE and Family! Everyone from my Ohio family, except my one son Andy, was able to meet at Tower City like we do each year. What fun and everyone went to have pics with Santa and Lunch at Hard Rock...and that made 20 of us having Lunch-Laughing-Loving-Looking at the blessing that we received this last year. That was the best gift ever. Now I'm back in FREEZING SW's in the 20's here!!!
Happy New Year to all. I'm so grateful to know you. You are a wonderful coach!!!
Nancy. Joe & Mr Tinker (our Yorkie)