Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When is it Not Networking?

Today, if someone peeked in my window they might have regarded me as a failure at networking. I had almost the whole day at my desk and no appointments what-so-ever.


That doesn't sound like the networking guru.

But taking a page from my son, Greg's, no distraction Fridays, I needed that time to get caught up. I usually leave my home office fairly early in the day (6:30 or 7 AM) and sometimes don't get back till the very end of the day. I don't carry my laptop with me. I know, I know, you're all rolling your eyes.

So at the end of the day, I usually have a pile of "stuff" that I need to do to honor commitments I've made to people during the day. Sometimes those don't get done right away. I feel bad, but I also want a personal life, too.

Today was luxury. I did so many of those little jobs and also reviewed the last of the homework from my Cerified Networker class that just ended. (sigh!) I did ccommunicate with a few people via email and even responded to a few phone calls. I can start the day tomorrow (and it will be a long one) knowing that the pile has been removed from my desk.

I will be a better networker because of it.

So phooey to those of you peeping toms out there. A day at the desk is a good day for a networker!

How often do you get a day in your office?

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