Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Garden

This past three-day weekend was the first weekend I've had to devote to chores and fun around the house since the weekend before Easter. That also probably explains why the month-long absence from blogging posts.

Since I am truly an introvert by nature, playing in my garden all weekend was just the absolutely very best. My veggie garden is now all ready for the rest of the year. My final task Monday afternoon was to gain control of the raspberry plants. They like to go beyond their boundaries.

We harvested our first crop of radishes, sown about a month or so ago by Steve when I was out of town. They are the just the crunchiest and mildest radishes we've ever produced.

My garden also contains flowers. It is supposed to be a stylized, formal garden, with beds outlined in triangle shapes. Well, plants have their own mind. That's the way it starts out and then by season end, it is a crazy quilt of color and texture. Even so, I stick to 'tried and true' flowers that I know work and are not finickly about the care they receive. That means plenty of zinnias, marigolds, spider flowers, basil plants, loves-lies-bleeding, cannas, lilies and nasturiums. I love how these old-fashioned flowers look, smell and also pull in the hummingbirds. In the fall, I have to be careful not to get buzzed by a happy hummer!

What does that all have to do with networking?


Oh, I guess I could make a link to the fact that I stick with what works. In networking it makes sense to work with the people who have helped me before. Probably they will do so again, especially if I can help them, too.

How would you connect something in your life to networking?

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