Monday, April 06, 2009

What's the Pattern?

Last week I met with a new networking contact. From the distance I had made a decision about her -- that she was stuck up. I had even left a message with her asking if we could get together to find out more about each other. She had not returned the call.

Well, I was wrong.

I know, the first time ever in my life.

This person is delightful and looking to make connections. She had not returned the call because she had been out of her office for a week.

This person is new to the community and would like to have some help in getting to know other women. I can help with that!

Okay, so I am baring my chest (now that's a scary picture) over this because I did it again. I made a judgment AGAIN. Similar circumstance. Large group of friendly people. One a little stand-offish. She is probably shy. Or she could have been feeling not part of the group. I feel a little that way with this group of people, but for some reason this time it was better.

Did I help her to feel more comfortable? I am embarrassed to admit the answer is no. But to my defense, she stuck to the side of her boyfriend all evening, so it was kind of hard to strike up a conversation.

So there ya' go. Maybe this week I'll be better.

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