Friday, April 24, 2009

MLM At Its Best

Yesterday, I met a new networking contact. She happens to represent an organization that has the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model of business. Now there are some people in the MLM businesses out there that give MLM a very black eye. ("Sign here and then I'll let you leave.")

Valarie Fasue
, is not one of those!

She represents Pre-paid Legal. And does it very professionally. At my request she shared her (her, not the company) story which made her very endearing to me. She has worked very hard to be where she is today. She has had several other professional careers and came to this after considerable research. Can you guess that she is already successful?

What made us both laugh is a story she told me about a networking experience she had. At this event she met another business woman and asked if they could meet so she could find out more about this other women's business. The woman declined saying that she didn't need any legal help. Valarie laughed and said, "I just wanted to find out about her, but I realize that she thought I was going to try to sell to her."

Never one to let some little rejection get in her way, Valarie just approached another contact and made an appointment to find out how she could help that person.

Don't you wish all sales people would have Valarie's mentality?

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