Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ya' Have Ta Laugh!

Yesterday, I was invited to be the featured speaker at the WEN SEMI (Southeast Michigan) meeting.

Yesterday, when I jumped into the shower, it was icy cold.

Yesterday, I decided not to wash my hair which meant that it wouldn't look quite right all day long. But I just couldn't do the icy cold shower.

Yesterday, as I headed north, I ran into problems because of the fierce storm that had hammered our area the night before. The main road that I was traveling north on, was blocked by a giant tree.

Yesterday, as I detoured, somehow I got turned around on a bunch of curving roads, and others that didn't head in a direction that seemed logical. I was so turned around that I headed south for a good five miles before I realized it. (My little Mini doesn't have a display that tells me which direction I am traveling.)

Yesterday, I finally arrived at the meeting location in a raging rain storm.

Yesterday in spite of it all, I was the featured presenter!

But let me put it into perspective.

The attendance at the meeting was a little lighter than normal. Want to know why? Most who were there were still without electrical power from the night before. But they still made it to the meeting. They probably didn't shower or have light to put on makeup or make breakfast. But they got themselves out anyway.

My challenges were minor compared to theirs!

My hat's off to those who made the extra effort!

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Angie Weid said...

I am quite thankful you conquered all your challenges and made it to the WEN SEMI meeting. You did a great job presenting ideas on getting the most out of a membership to an organization.