Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's This About?

I have had an interesting week of people canceling appointments at the last minute. Now, I do know the stuff gets in the way, but in most of the instances the person either forgot or had something more important to do.


I always give out my cell phone number because I want to be notified if something does come up. I also take the person's cell # to let them know just in case I have an emergency. Because you see, I would make every effort to keep an appointment unless it was a life and death emergency.

I can tell you that I will schedule a second time, but when it happens that the second appointment is kicked to the curb, I am ready to go on to the next person.

Am I being too unforgiving?

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leasa said...

I think your process/way of thinking is fair.

It makes me think. During the last couple of months I've had at least two people cancel appointments and promise to reschedule. I've even seen them face-to-face since -- but still no word of when we may actually get together to learn more about one another.

Perhaps they really did not want to move our business relationship along in the first place.