Thursday, July 12, 2007

When You Can't Play Anymore

It takes class.

I mean real class.

Darlene Robinson is an up and coming CPA with The William Vaughan Company in Maumee, OH. She also is a Certified Networker grad and has served on the Board of Action for CN. She realized just recently that because of her schedule, increased responsibility at work, her daughter's needs and just life, that she wasn't fulfilling her spot on the BOA in the way that she is proud of.

As a result of some soul searching, she made the decision to resign from the board.

Now even though I will shed several tears at her being gone, I still respect her. In fact her already high credibility has gone up a notch as far as I'm concerned.

I would rather have people do what Darlene did, than just not show up for months on end. Sort of no call, no show.

Unlike Darlene, their ratings go in the opposite direction.

What's the most difficult decision you've had to make in relation to a business responsibility?


Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

I recently took on a very part-time job doing something that I have a passion for - proofreading for a newspaper. It's a once-a-week job where five or six of us are reading the same thing at the same time. One person, the copy editor, is the ultimate decision-maker re: corrections before it gets its final approval by the editor-in-chief.

Two weeks ago, we ALL missed a typo on the cover - a real "no no." We were laid off the next week as "punishment." Then some of us were benched this week also.

The word came earlier this week that if a mistake of that type is ever missed again, there would be immediate dismissals - no questions asked.

I understand a passion for perfection. As a business owner, it's hard take full responsibility for any mistakes made by an employee. But I also realize that people are human.

My letter of resignation is in the mail.

Louise Kahle said...

I also respect Darlene's decision. I know it is a hard one because we all want to be part of something good.
However, like Darlene, a few months ago I realized that I could not give the Women's Entrepreneurial Network Board of Action the time it deserves. I miss it and hope to rejoin in the future, but first I have to work on my business. It's not fair to the other WEN boa members if I can't jump in and WORK.