Monday, May 21, 2007

Bicycling Business Terms

Last week I met Suzan Maxey at the monthly Monroe (MI) networking meeting. This was the first time Suzan attended the event. She came as a guest of Sue Waterhouse. Suzan is a graphic designer and printer.

Being a good networker she sent me a follow up note. Suzan asked a good question in her card. She wanted to know the difference between a business consultant, a business coach, a marketer and a networker. My answers are below, but of course they are only my opinions. Also, I am adding information to my definitions based on a presentation by Lolita Amos that I heard a couple years ago at a BNI conference.

So here goes:

A business consultant is someone who analyzes the situation and makes recommendations.

Lolita used an analogy of learning to ride a bike. The consultant will help you to determine the type of bike you should buy and perhaps recommend who should help you to learn to ride it.

A business coach is someone who instructs from the sideline.

Lolita says that a coach is someone who runs alongside you as you are learning to ride yelling, "turn right, turn left, slow down, you can do it again."

A b
usiness mentor is someone who shares his/her experiences and contacts.

Lolita says that a mentor rides his bike slightly in front of you so you can see what he is doing.

Lolita didn't weigh in on marketers or networkers, but I have my thoughts.

Debby says

a marketer uses all the tools available to gain visibility and credibility about the product or service he is trying to sell.

A Networker
develops relationships with those who can buy or refer business in the future.

What are you thoughts?

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