Thursday, June 01, 2006

I love spotlighting those who are conscious networkers, ones who are always thinking about who they can help. Constance Schultz is one to fit that description. Let me tell you about her.

Constance is an independent distributor for Reliv, a vitamin and supplement company. She is a member of the Madison Avenue chapter of BNI in Toledo, OH. She is also a recent graduate of the Certified Networker training program. At the graduation, she met the husband of one of the other grads. This man happens to be a sports medicine doctor at one of the local hospitals. So you’re probably thinking that she talked to him about her products for his patients. Wrong! Constance, instead, asked if he would be able to recycle knee braces that she no longer needed. He was delighted to receive such a windfall. But she even took it further.

A fellow BNI member, Joe Sparks, is a running coach, a very special running coach. He is certified in the POSE style of running. This method is used by many world class athletes; because it keeps them injury-free and also helps them to go faster with less effort. Joe has even invented a belt system that helps runners to learn this method easily and quickly. Constance told the doctor about Joe, and of course, the doctor is very interested in finding out more.

Did Constance sell any Reliv products that night? No, she did not. But she was adding more credits to her networking account. She provided help to the doctor in two very different ways. The payback may not happen tomorrow, but in the networking world, what goes around comes around.

Who would you like to spotlight as being a top level networker?

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