Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Target Market Connections

When one of the graduates of the Certified Networker (CN) training has a quantum leap in using the material, it makes my day. Monday eight people met for the third session of the new grad series. They are the first guinea pigs to try this new graduate series. This two hours was dedicated to re-visiting and learning more about training a referral partner. To do this, three of the participants had brought a partner to the class, while two of the students from the class decided to partner for this session.

The particular event that made my day is all about networking in the right way; that of using networking to help others be more successful. Meredith Moore, a business banker with Huntington Bank, had just stumbled onto her target market (trucking and transportation) in the first session in February. Or I should say she found the one that made more sense than the one she had elected when she went through the initial CN training. She had shared this information with another CN grad, Dave Bodner, who happens to be in her BNI group. He met with another grad, Darlene Robinson, a CPA with a local firm. At this meeting Darlene told Dave that the firm had just divided their customer base and assigned a Senior person to lead each area. Guess what, Darlene has been assigned transportation and trucking. Dave suggested that the two women should get together. That is how they came to sit with each other during this training where they were learning from each other, figuring out how to introduce clients to each other and determining how they could work as a team.

What the best teaming you've ever done with another person?

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