Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rubber Bands and Relief

When I hear the word, creative, all those juices that might flow inside my body, come to a stagnant halt. Others tell me that I am a creative person, but when I focus on that word, all I see is a blank whiteboard. Because of this affliction, I love it when others demonstrate top level creativity. Recently, Tom Baur, a chiropractor, caught my attention.

He stood in his BNI meeting to give his weekly commercial. He had distributed small rubberbands to each member before the meeting began. He asked all to wind the band around the end of a finger, so that it was rather tight. Each members began to experience swelling of the finger and of course, the actual feeling of discomfort. All Tom needed to add was, "This is what happens when something in your body is constricted. My job is to remove the rubberband, (all took off the band) to help my patients feel relief."

I loved this info-mercial because not only was it creative but it was visual, and it also was easy for the members to pass on. Great job, Tom.

What creative ways do you market yourself?

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