Monday, April 17, 2006

Expecting? Go to Sandy's

When I am teaching Module 7 of the Certified Networker training, the most groans and moans I hear from the students is all about choosing a target market. You see, most come into the course wanting to sell to the whole world. Narrowing the focus feels awful. I can empathize. Four years ago when I first started teaching this course, before master trainer, Tom Fleming's enlightenment, I had four separate target markets. I didn't see anything wrong with trying to network to Realtors, Bankers, CPAs, and Financial Planners. I now know that having all four was doable..... if I didn't want to do any of them well.

One current student, Sandy Pirwitz, owner of Sandy's Stuff for Women, says it best. Her store provides gently used and new women's clothing at resale prices. She is one of the few re-sale shops that takes in and provides maternity clothing for sale. Sandy now has focused on that market and guess what? Her sales are growing -- no visual pun intended! Of course, once the new moms deliver the bundle of joy, their old pre-baby clothing may not fit the same, so off to Sandy's they go. Maternity clothing is turned in, and they shop the ranks for new stuff that fits the new lifestyle. Sandy also helps to promote a nearby children's resale shop, by displaying baby outfits on her walls from the partner store. For every $10 of maternity clothing purchased a raffle ticket is given. Once per month Sandy's draws a winner and that lucky person is able to pick one of the baby outfits. Plus, the display of the little tiny outfits sends her customers to that lucky store. It's a win all the way around.

Are you still trying to sell to anyone, everyone and somebody? Would your sales drop if you focus on just one market?


engraved-anniversary-gift said...

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Sandy of Sandy's Stuff for Women said...

Debby's right - choosing one, and only one, market to focus on wasn't easy. But it has been well worth all the blood, sweat and tears. I certainly won't abandon my regular (i.e., non-childbearing) customers, but focusing on maternity was really the right decision for me. (And I'm glad the business card was a little out of focus, because it was the old one - I moved!)