Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who Finds Business for You?

Last night as I was finishing a training that I gave to a group of BNI members from many chapters, I chatted with one participant, Chuck Kistner, owner of Allied Flooring Distributors. He related to me how excited he was about a prospect he been referred to by Monnie Holman, the owner of D.P. Design & Print, one of the BNI members in his chapter. She was able to refer a brand new restaurant to him, one that had come to her for marketing stuff. The restaurant obviously needs new carpeting, too.

What was so interesting about this conversation was that Chuck had been seated next to Dave Musteric during the training. Dave owns a franchise for Fish Window Cleaning. His best targets are restaurants because they want to get their windows cleaned regularly. Who would think that a window cleaner, a flooring person and the owner of a graphics & print house would be great referral sources for each other? But they are!

Who is an unlikely referral source for you?

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