Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is Newer Always Better?

Yesterday I interviewed Arlene Gerig for a member spotlight in the CNP of Ohio newsletter. Arlene has been a RE/Max Preferred Realtor® for four or five years now and is very successful. Last year she sold enough to be in the 2.5 Million Dollar Club. Her goal this year is to hit the 3 million dollar mark, but with the slow start for the housing industry, she knows that she is going to really have to work hard to make it. One thing I found interesting was her comment about a tool that she uses on her website that seems to help sell the higher priced homes.

Most of us have heard of the virtual tour, that being the ability, via the Internet, to see a video of the inside of a home, without leaving ours. Arlene shared that those tend to have fishbowl type distortions. Recently she has been introduced to FloorPlan Online. Instead of the movie version, there is a measured sketch of the layout of the house showing room dimensions. Within this diagram are small camera icons. Clicking on one gives a snapshot of the room from that point in the room. Now you'd think that a still shot instead of a "moving scene" would be less desirable, and more dated technology. For whatever reason, Arlene says that this new offering is helping her to move toward her 3 million dollar goal. Sometimes old is just better than new.

What older version do you value over the newest most up-to-date offering?

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