Saturday, February 18, 2006

CNP joins the blogosphere!

Blogging is going to be fun. I learned enough about it at the WOMMA conference to make me start this blog. Conversely, I learned just enough about it to probably make me dangerous. This will be a learning process but it should be fun.

What new things have you learned recently that will motivate you to do something that you've not done previously?


Leasa Maxx said...

Hey, Deb. Congrats on becoming a blogger! What a great way for CN grads and students to view expert opinion on how to become and stay successful using the tools we learn in class.

Personally, I can see how the information posted -- by you and those who visit -- can provide a great refresher for grads, helping us learn from others' experiences.

Heck, we may even find the chance to meet and get to know someone new by visiting and commenting on the CN blog!

Happy posting!

Jeff LaCourse said...

I look forward to daily insight from "The Guru".

Kelly Elton said...

Congrats Debby! This is a wonderful tool for networking! Can anyone refer me to someone who makes stained glass art?