Monday, February 27, 2006

Books for Vacation

I'm on the 'get ready for vacation' track. My husband, Steve, and I will leave in about a week to go to our favorite spot in the whole world, Costa Rica. We land in the capital city of San Jose, and then take a flight down almost to Panama on the Pacific side of the county to a very small resort called Aguila de Osa. This area is so isolated, that until about four or five years ago, there was no road leading to this spot. Electricity only became available within the last year or so. There are NO TV's or phones. There is no store to purchase anything. With the hammocks on the porch it is a reader's paradise. Every year my challenge is to decide what books to bring.

Since most of my reading during the year is business related, in the past I have chosen more fiction than non-fiction to take along. Also, paperbacks are essential because of weight, although even with paperbacks my luggage is so overweight that Steve and I end up paying about $100 extra between the two of us for our luggage. This year I have a stack of books that are begging my attention. Certainly 'The Kite Runner' will be included. But I received so many books at the WOMMA conference that I really want to get started on. They are mostly hard bound. Usually I leave completed books behind for other guests and the local population to use. But these I'll want to heft home. What a dilemma.

Do you have any recommendations for books that are must reads for me?


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