Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Asking for Three, Part 2

I do have an example of when asking for three actually worked!

Years ago I managed a sales team for a payroll service company.  50% of our business came from CPA referrals because we called on the accounting community, developed strong relationships with them and then continued those business friendships.

One sales person, Cathy,  received almost the remaining other 50% from client referrals.  When asked about
it, Cathy said, "Well when I first go out to visit them, I ask for a referral and I usually don't get one. Then when I set up the payroll, I ask again and don't receive one then either."  "BUT," Cathy said, "When I deliver the first payroll and go over it, I ask the third time and probably half the time I get a good referral."

So this is a little different than asking everyone for three referrals.  Cathy asked the same person for referrals three TIMES over a period of several weeks or longer.  They got to know her and felt comfortable by the third time she asked to them to deliver the valued name.

Does your type of sale offer the opportunity to see a prospect multiple times, enabling you to allow the to get to know you fairly well?

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