Tuesday, January 07, 2014

It Makes Me Think

Several years ago I was talking with my friend, Matt Lohr, who works for mechanical contractor, Campbell Inc.  He shared with me a pithy comment that the owner, Keith Campbell, once was heard to make.

Keith was asked why he poured so much money into training his employees, when they might leave him for a better opportunity.  Keith's answer was priceless as far as I'm concerned.

He said, "I'd rather train them and have them leave than not and have them stay."

Of course that hits my button because I'm the owner of a training company, but it can really be a comment about just about anything.  Basically it says, I'm going the extra mile because I know it is good for me AND for everyone involved.

What do you do that might seem crazy to the next person, but in your heart and mind you know it is the best path to follow?

For me it is to continue to meet with young people and new business owners to help them to learn how to network even though as a rule neither has the money to take my course.

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