Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Be a Hero, Invite!

Recently I was at a networking event where I met a really neat and helpful person.  We are planning to share a cup of coffee and further conversation in January.  What's really mind-boggling about this meeting is that this person was a guest of someone else at the event.  It was a one-time happening and he probably has no reason to visit ever again.

That's one miracle of you inviting your friends to go to networking events with you. But there are more than one!

Miracle #1 - Your guest may be the very person that another member is trying to meet and would have no other way of making that happen. 

Miracle #2 - Your guest may meet a member who can help them to solve a problem or issue.  Again hero status for you.

Miracle #3 - Your guest may see you in an entirely different light and in doing so may  better understand how you can be helped. Do I see a smile poking around the corners of your mouth?

This time of year is when everyone is focused on their goals for the next twelve months.  Mine is that I will ask one person per week to be my guest at whatever networking event is looming of the horizon.  I know that not everyone will come, but asking is the first step in turning into Wonder Woman!

What networking goals have you set for this year?

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