Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where, Oh Where Has My Name Tag Gone?

Name tags are important in the world of networking. Scott Ginsberg says it best, so I need to say nothing further.

When students of the Connext Nation course graduate, they receive a name tag with their name and company name in big letters, plus our c/n logo in the bottom corner.

Students from the previous course were offered have name tags that reflected the name of that course. Many of those grads want updated name tags because they are proud of being a member of the CN community no matter which course they took.

So in May, I asked all who wanted name tags to order. Many did. I had about 7 that I needed to send out via the mail, as I wasn't going to see these grads very soon. They were all mailed at the same time, in padded envelopes, with my return address on them.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. We are now again about to order name tags for our newest grads. I sent an email out to the community letting those who didn't order before know that they had a second chance now.

Then it happened. I started getting emails saying, "When am I going to get my name tag from before?" Sure enough, all seven that I mailed never made it. I dug out my receipt, thinking that even though they weren't insured that maybe they could be found, thinking they were in some mail sack someplace.

What do you think the answer was? You got it. "Can't do anything."

Of course, I will replace those name tags, but I am out $70 plus mailing expenses.

So you wonder why the post office is failing?????

As an aside several weeks before the name tag caper, we received one of those nice letters from the state of Ohio, saying that we had never paid our income tax for 2010. Of course it had been mailed from the very same post office on the due date. Hubby called our CPA and he said, "Oh that's the fifth call like this that I received this week." We thought the state had probably lost it, but now I wonder if this PO has a black hole in its backroom.

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