Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's All About Me

A week or so ago I ran into a person I had not seen in a long time. This person is an acquaintance, not a friend.

This person is doing something new. Ask me how I know.

Thanks for asking!

He said, "Let me tell you what I'm doing," as he whipped out his business card and also a little promo piece that told about his company. "Come see me to get a discount on this service before the end of the month."

I'm sorry. Why do people think they can just throw up on others?

Not a question from him about what I was doing. Not a question from him as to how I was doing. Not a question from him as to what is going on in my life.

It was all about him.

Am I being too judgmental? I just wanted to turn and run.


Mike said...

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Meld said...

OH MY! Instead of making further contact with them, they are pushing you away. Total opposite of what their goal was...to get you to come in before the end of the month! I agree with you all the way as these type of people make me run away too!

Not enough hours! said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. And please use the cat's cradle reference with or without acknowledgement, if you think it works for you. Not often I come up with something that "fits", but when I do, nothing gives me more pleasure than someone else using it- because using it means they have understood it, and what else was I ever looking for?

And that was really something. Why on earth should anyone presume you want to know anything about him when he doesn't care for you. Even if he is the King of the Universe, that is inexcusable.

And strategically, too, it is so short-sighted. Had he bothered to ask you how your cat was (she was ill when we last met) before talking about himself, you would have been so touched, you would definitely have listened and perhaps done.

Following you.

~ Rayna