Sunday, September 07, 2008

Birds and Cave Dewellers

Last night, after dinner, I walked out of the house to take the bag of veggie and fruit trimmings out to the compost pile in back of the garden.

A bird caught my attention when it flew from the top of the birch tree out over the pond, making a sound that I didn't recognize. I looked carefully and realized it was a Kingfisher. We do see them from time to time, but not often. What a treat for a Saturday night.

As I meandered back from dumping the garbage, I starting thinking about how I might have missed this wonderful bird if I had left the compost pile task until morning. It was sort of like being a cave dweller - that person that never leaves their office or cubicle. They miss opportunities that are out there just waiting for them.

So this week -- get out and see what's just hanging around waiting for your discovery. Then come back here and comment, letting us all know about what you found.

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