Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lack of Training Means Lack of Sales

Yesterday, I met with a wonderful young woman who is new to her company. She shall remain nameless.

She and I spent a little over an hour together. At the end of the time, she said that I had helped her to better understand her job in sales. She was feeling scattered and unfocused before the talk. She felt like she was spinning her wheels.

Now she understands how to focus on a specific market or target. It will help her to feel like she has some control She will know where to go rather than driving aimlessly around wasting gas.

And guess what she also said? She said, "I know all this as I was a marketing major in college. But I just didn't know how to apply the theory."

For company personnel out there who are hiring new, young, unseasoned sales people; be honest with yourself. If you don't really know how to give your new sales people the training that will jump start their sales career (and that doesn't mean making 50 cold calls a day) get someone else to help. Not doing so wastes a resource and probably means that you will be training (or not) over and over again. From your point of view, $500 - $1000 spent on training probably means
ten times that on your bottom line.

Tell us your story. What was the absolute worst company training you received and conversely what was the best? Let's shine a spotlight on the companies that do it right!

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